In 2016, ILZ GmbH was founded as a manufacturing company for individual parts and assemblies for, among others, IMS Robotics GmbH - a company in the sewer rehabilitation industry and headquarters of the IMS Robotics Group.

The company, located in Dresden Weixdorf, now employs about 30 people and produces parts and products in a 2-shift system for customers from various industries. As a member of the IMS Robotics Group, a large proportion of the orders come from the field of sewer rehabilitation - the focus of ILZ GmbH is therefore on production parts for this robot technology.  

In addition, parts for other renowned companies are manufactured on the more than 1,800 square meters of production space. The proven quality and highest precision in manufacturing make ILZ GmbH a long-standing and reliable partner for customers from the automotive, watch and semiconductor industries. Other customers of ILZ GmbH come from the fields of metal construction, electrical engineering and packaging technology.

Contact person

Daniel Wischmann; Man in a black t-shirt; Task: Operations Manager

Daniel Wischmann

Operations Manager


Dirk Sachse; man in a black T-shirt; task: production manager / deputy operations manager

Dirk Sachse

Production Manager / deputy Operations Manager

Tel: +49 351 888 11 701

Gert Desens; man in a black T-shirt; task: customer service and operations scheduling

Gert Desens

Customer Service and Work Preparation

Tel: +49 351 888 11 702

Peggy Berner; woman in a black T-shirt; task: quality management

Peggy Berner

Quality Management

Tel: +49 151 240 181 93

Janine Kraner; woman in a wine-red T-shirt; task: HR

Janin Kraner


Tel: +49 35205 755 - 17

Stefan Augustin; Man in a black t-shirt; Task: Operations Scheduling

Stefan Augustin

Operations Scheduling

Tel: +49 351 888 11 703

Christoph Stützer; man in a black T-shirt; task: Trainer

Christoph Stützer



Sebastian Spitzhofer; man in a black T-shirt; task: Incoming Goods/Warehouse/Logistics

Sebastian Spitzhofer

Incoming Goods/Warehouse